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My whole life I’ve heard people say that what we dislike in others is simply a reflection of what we dislike in ourselves.  I’ve thought on this, and I’ve journaled on it.  But I’ve struggled to believe it, as I’ve always found a way to pinpoint reasons for my dislike or resentment that were actually just the opposite–they […]

Last weekend, thanks to some gentle prodding from a friend I’ve known since elementary school (but who I haven’t seen in 20 years), I made the last-minute decision to attend our 20th high school reunion.  I leave later this week, and this morning I couldn’t help but think, over and over, “How do I talk […]

We’re a little over a week into the 21-Day Challenge, so I figured it was time for an update.  Especially since I had a small breakthrough today! This morning we met for our bi-weekly full team meeting, and I was anticipating some angst.  We’ll be implementing a new software system on Monday, and today’s meeting was […]

Every few weeks, a few colleagues and I meet for lunch with our boss to discuss a pre-determined topic related to leadership.  Yesterday we discussed the basics of positive psychology and the ways that making simple mindful changes in our daily lives can increase our happiness and, in return, increase our likelihood for success. Our conversation […]

A week ago I returned home from a trip to Iowa to visit family and spend time with my mom.  History has shown that, in between these trips, I mindlessly forget how vital it is for me to reconnect with my family there.  Trying to capture those feelings, I wrote the following on my flight home (on scraps […]

Not that I intend to end the gratitude with the end of the month–far from it. Nov. 22:  I’ll admit, there are days I don’t act very grateful for this crazy ball of fur.  In my heart, though, even on the bad days, I’m so grateful that Charley came racing into our lives almost a […]

Week 3! Nov. 15:  Whenever my parents visit, my mom always writes us a note the morning that they leave.  I always leave it up until the next time they come to town.  Obviously it’s been awhile since they’ve visited, given the date on this note, but today I JUST noticed that she had added “love!” after […]

Whoa. Have you ever finished reading something and then slowly looked around just to make sure no one is watching you, composing your thoughts, right as you watch them unfold on the screen in front of you? It just happened here, this quiet, day-before-Thanksgiving morning, as I was lazily perusing the interwebs in that gloriously aimless way […]

Week 2–So much to be thankful for! Nov. 8:  There’s something special about home-baked treats for breakfast on weekends.  I’m grateful for lazy mornings, and I’m SUPER grateful for a husband who is an excellent chef and who is willing to spend part of his morning whipping up yummy treats!   Nov. 9:  We have […]

For over 5 years now, I’ve participated in a daily photo blog.  Each day, each group member posts a photo that represents their day.  I love it as a non-traditional way of journaling, and I love the friends it’s brought to my life. A couple of years ago, at the suggestion of a fellow photographer, I […]