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This weekend, I stumbled across an infographic titled “17 Counterintuitive Things the Most Successful People Do.”  I didn’t agree with all of it, but the following jumped out at me: “Seek Out Rejection.”  Huh. I’m not convinced we can become fully desensitized to the fear of rejection, but there’s definite wisdom here. Humans are wired to avoid the pain that […]

By nature, I’m a fixer.  I like puzzles, and I like problem-solving.  It’s a great skill for putting out fires at work and helping disgruntled students, but no matter how hard I deny it, my fix-it strategy just does not cut it in my personal, relational, emotional, psychological world. (please tell me I’m not alone in this?) […]

Rumor in the blog world suggests I offer an apology after disappearing for months–and that I write a catch-up post when I return.  I suspect this is simply an opportunity to play “pay attention to ME!” rather than an actual expectation of anyone reading, but I’m opting in anyway.   I’ll make no pretense, however, that I’m doing so for any reason […]

Today was supposed to be IT.  The BIG day.  The day that I finally returned to blogging.  Aimee invited us over, and instead of the Salsa Sistas, we were to be the Bloggin’ Sistas.  Brilliant!!  Teamwork and motivation! I expected fanfare and inspiration and productivity!  Big things, people.  Big things! So far, Cooper has finally […]

Just a quick update from my world.  I’ve been neglecting my friend the blog , and I’m starting to feel bad about it.  I really want to start posting regularly again, but right at this minute I can’t commit.  Will it happen eventually?  Yes.  Will it happen soon?  Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. Which, coincidentally, is the topic […]

I’ve been waiting for a breakthrough. I’ve felt uninspired for the past couple of weeks.  Beginning-of-the-semester crazy has settled and I’ve started cruising at work, but things just haven’t felt right.  Among the multitude of things tugging at my attention, the 11-month mark of Katie’s passing is just days away–meaning that the one year mark will […]

The daughter of a woman who was received an RAOKK discovered my blog while looking for more information about the project–how freaking cool is that??  I don’t know where she’s from, and I don’t know who started that particular act of kindness.  All I know is that she and her mom are connected now to the network of amazing […]

I posted on Monday about my revelations about the Catholic church and how my own confusion kept me from becoming legally able to officiate weddings.  I’m still a tiny bit disappointed I couldn’t officiate…  BUT, the wedding had to go on! (Note: This would be a good time for you to stop reading if you […]

Today I had the opportunity to become an ordained minister (technically, anyway).  It’s a long story, but a good friend needs someone to be the officiant at her wedding in the next couple of days. I was stoked.  How cool would that be??  I told her I was in–that if she needed me, I would […]

I don’t believe in resolutions for the new year. Too cliché and unreliable. However, I DO love the feeling of the clean slate that comes with the beginning of the new year. What could be a better time to implement some of the changes I’ve been contemplating lately? (Does starting now define the “changes” as “resolutions?” I seriously […]