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I feel like I need to write this post before I go much further, as the unique way my brain works has a pretty intense effect on mindfulness on every level imaginable. Background:  I’ve struggled with a delicious combination of depression and anxiety for the majority of my adult life.  I didn’t always KNOW it, […]

Zombies, right?  Wrangling a posse of caffeinated, sugar-high toddlers?  Maybe resisting the urge to hit the snooze button just ONE more time on a cold winter Monday morning? All good contestants, but no competition for the battle we’re about to approach. I’m talking about authenticity.  Staying real.  Real to our true, authentic selves and living […]

As I try new (and old) tools for staying in touch with myself and my life, I hope to post about both what I try and how each goes.  Today’s is a time-proven method for me. Caveat #1: You are NOT allowed to judge me for the content of this post, even if it makes […]

At the onset of this journey, I assumed I’d spend my time focusing on being aware of where I am, what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, what I’m feeling, what I really want/need to be doing, etc.  I suppose that’s pretty obvious, now that I type it out.  But, for what it’s worth, it’s […]

Quick background:  I am not originally from Utah.  I’m a transplant.  When people ask, “Where are you from?” I emphatically answer that I currently LIVE in Utah, but I am NOT FROM Utah.  Let’s be honest.  People make assumptions about people from Utah, and I still feel a need to distance myself from those assumptions, […]

Mindless Monday

Monday , 13, January 2014 Comments Off on Mindless Monday

A few true stories about the past week in my world: This is an actual, real-life photo of my desk from today.  Those are my to-do lists (yes, plural).  I’ve been working for six full days now to consolidate them.  My world has become so mindless recently that when I have a thought, I jot […]

I wrote my first ever blog entry on November 20, 2012.  It was kind of awesome, honestly, and I was pretty damn proud of it. Unfortunately, I never actually created a blog on which to post it, and, well, it became yet another project that saw a brief brilliant beginning and then quickly fizzled onto […]

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