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Brought to you by Kelly’s ADHD. I walked in this morning and found this right outside our office door: They had started decorating the Rotunda for tonight’s big Halloween student event.  See that big metal thing hanging from the ceiling in the middle?  It’s connected to the extension cord lying on the floor just a few feet […]

Every other Thursday my advising team and our extended campus family reps gather for a two-hour marathon of a team meeting.   During our busiest  times, I sometimes cancel or shorten this meeting with hopes of lowering stress levels.  I’ve remained adamant, however, about including some kind of team-building time in every meeting, even if it’s just a […]

I’ve written about how much I miss Katie, how often I think of her, and how I’m still sorting out my new world without her.  Given all of that, it seems funny to me that today I’ve had two new realizations about the void left by her absence in my world. Somehow, today was the […]

My happy dance doesn’t look QUITE like these guys, but you get the idea.  I’m doing my happy dance. Earlier today I had a conversation with Stephen, one of my team members, about incorporating mindfulness practice into our team meetings.  After attending a retreat/training where the topic came up, he approached me about the potential […]

Last night, I was cranky. If you know me, you know that’s not unusual. This was a different kind of cranky, though.  This was the heavy kind that settles into my chest, the kind that clouds my thinking.  The kind that I know is trying to tell me something.  The kind that I actively work […]

(Note–I’m struck by how many directions my mind goes with nothing on this post yet but the title “Running.”  It wants to go pretty much everywhere except where this post is headed: actually talking about running.) Running and I go way back.  We have a bit of a contentious past, but I don’t think you and […]

Today is my birthday.  The end of year 37 of my life, and the beginning of year 38.  Another chance to start fresh and be reminded that taking another spin around the sun on this Earth of ours is a blessing not to be taken for granted. I’m filled with apprehension each year on my […]

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