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This coming Monday, December 1, would have been Katie’s 35th birthday.  In contemplating how to spend the day, I’ve never doubted that I wanted to celebrate–to me, it’s not a day to be sad over what we’ve lost.  December 1 was the day when Katie entered the world, and, even though it would be years before […]

This idea of asking what I called a “bold question” started at work a week ago when I engaged the university president in a conversation about the potential for organizational change that would directly affect me and my team.  It turned out to perhaps not be as bold as I first thought, as he welcomed […]

A former colleague and dear friend has been so totally in-tune with me lately–I just love when the stars align to help that kind of connection happen (or does it happen when I get the hell out of the stars’ way so they CAN align?)  Most recently, we’ve been discussing meaningful books, and she’s shared […]

I caught myself telling a colleague last week that I’d hit the point of the semester where I was done.  Like, call the rest off, I’d like to go home now, thank you very much.  It was Tuesday, November 4th, for those keeping track at home. Nothing new, really.  I hit this point every semester. […]

Last weekend I read an interesting opinion article about ADHD from the Sunday Review section in the New York Times.  Earlier this week, two people I trust and admire sent me a link to the article, literally within five minutes of each other.  I took this as a sign that maybe I should take a […]

There’s no doubt in my mind.  The Universe is sending pretty clear messages right now, and it’s sending them in unexpected ways.  What a strange but wonderful week it was realizing this… While I can be slow to notice messages like that, but I’m no dummy.  Now that I’m aware, I’m listening and working to […]

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