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I wrote previously about losing our Chili dog, but I haven’t updated with the craziness that ensued right after.  The night we made the decision to have Chili put down, I told Clint I was never getting another dog.  It hurt too much losing Chili, and I vowed I’d never put myself through that again. […]

It’s been quite a month, to say the least.  It started on an emotional high as we spread random acts of kindness across the country.  Two days later when we said goodbye to Chili, we plunged into sadness so thick that I wasn’t sure how we’d recover.  Two days later when we brought Charley home, […]

It’s amazing how just starting a project like this one had the power to make me want to be a little more friendly, to be a little more patient, and to open my eyes a little more to the needs of the world around me.  When my mom and I went on our first shopping […]

If you’re reading this, you’re probably aware that I asked friends and family to join in on the celebration of Katie’s birthday (read here for the original post and here for a post about what I chose to do).  Originally, I was going to keep the project quiet until after it was done (since I […]

I am very behind in my posting but I really want to do some catch-up before moving on to what’s been happening more recently. I posted previously about my plans for spending Katie’s 35th birthday doing random acts of kindness–one for each of her 35 years. (Read about it here) The day turned out to be… […]

The past week was the definition of an emotional roller coaster.  Monday’s RAOKK (Random Acts of Katie Kindness) Day was incredible, and I’ll post the details soon.  For now, I’ll just say that it was powerful in ways that I never expected. However, over the past several weeks, Chili, one of our beloved dogs, had […]

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