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I’ve been waiting for a breakthrough. I’ve felt uninspired for the past couple of weeks.  Beginning-of-the-semester crazy has settled and I’ve started cruising at work, but things just haven’t felt right.  Among the multitude of things tugging at my attention, the 11-month mark of Katie’s passing is just days away–meaning that the one year mark will […]

The daughter of a woman who was received an RAOKK discovered my blog while looking for more information about the project–how freaking cool is that??  I don’t know where she’s from, and I don’t know who started that particular act of kindness.  All I know is that she and her mom are connected now to the network of amazing […]

I posted on Monday about my revelations about the Catholic church and how my own confusion kept me from becoming legally able to officiate weddings.  I’m still a tiny bit disappointed I couldn’t officiate…  BUT, the wedding had to go on! (Note: This would be a good time for you to stop reading if you […]

Today I had the opportunity to become an ordained minister (technically, anyway).  It’s a long story, but a good friend needs someone to be the officiant at her wedding in the next couple of days. I was stoked.  How cool would that be??  I told her I was in–that if she needed me, I would […]

I don’t believe in resolutions for the new year. Too cliché and unreliable. However, I DO love the feeling of the clean slate that comes with the beginning of the new year. What could be a better time to implement some of the changes I’ve been contemplating lately? (Does starting now define the “changes” as “resolutions?” I seriously […]

I’ve been planning for weeks to write a New Year’s post.  It was going to be a New Year’s Eve post, but, seeing as I’ve (shockingly) let that deadline roll right on by, it looks like it’ll be a reflective post from the perspective of the new year. Let’s just pretend that’s what I had planned […]

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