Today’s Distraction

Friday , 31, October 2014 Leave a comment

Brought to you by Kelly’s ADHD.

I walked in this morning and found this right outside our office door:

Why do you tempt me so?

Why do you tempt me so?

They had started decorating the Rotunda for tonight’s big Halloween student event.  See that big metal thing hanging from the ceiling in the middle?  It’s connected to the extension cord lying on the floor just a few feet in front of my feet.  I saw it at 8 a.m. on my way in and could NOT stop thinking about it.  I wanted to plug it in SO badly, just to see what would happen.  My co-workers knew about my obsession.  I showed my class.  I kicked around the good and the bad with friends on Facebook.

And finally late this afternoon while I was standing near it with a co-worker, a colleague from another office walked by and said he’d plugged it in first thing this morning and that it just lit up a little bit.  Taking his word, I finally plugged it in.

A tiny disco ball in the middle of the metal cage lit up.  That was it.  The disco ball didn’t even rotate.  The cage didn’t spin, the banners didn’t fly.

I spent an entire work day distracted, all for a little stationary disco ball.

Welcome to Friday in my head.

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