Hello, Universe. I’m Listening!

Saturday , 8, November 2014 1 Comment

There’s no doubt in my mind.  The Universe is sending pretty clear messages right now, and it’s sending them in unexpected ways.  What a strange but wonderful week it was realizing this…

While I can be slow to notice messages like that, but I’m no dummy.  Now that I’m aware, I’m listening and working to understand the signs I’m seeing.  Ears and eyes wide open.  Here’s a sampling from the past week:

  • I’ve been feeling disconnected overall in my life recently, and my brother sent me an e-mail last weekend that reminded me just how very connected we really are.  The distance is only in miles, and he reminded me of that in a beautiful way.
  • I reconnected with a friend over a topic that I had NO idea we shared an interest in.  I was surprised at first, and then SO grateful that she reached out to let me know.  Feeling disconnected?  Hard to keep feeling that way when the universe keeps sending me connection!
  • Early in the week, two separate, completely unconnected people in my life sent me the link to a really interesting and timely article about ADHD.  They literally sent it to me within five minutes of each other.  Even more surprising?  I’d already read it!  Thank you, Universe.  I’ll be re-reading it and writing about it soon.
  • I messaged a friend to see if she’d read the book Wild, as I have a copy to send to someone and she immediately came to mind.  The friend said she’d thought about buying it within the past couple of weeks but hadn’t yet.  Perfect!  Book will be sent to her soon!
  • A dear co-worker came in to vent a little about the overwhelm he’s been feeling, and almost by accident I shared with him an upcoming project/change that’s in the works.  It hadn’t crossed my mind how involved he’d be as the project moved forward.  He told me that having something new and challenging to look forward to was exactly what he needed that day and left my office no longer threatening to run off to Mexico for an extended vacation.  I told him to keep his eyes open, as the messages from the Universe to me were apparently spilling over into HIS life, too!
  • I had breakfast with a friend this morning, and not only did I realize how very not alone I really am, but I felt connected and heard in ways I very much needed.
  • While we were having coffee and talking, I ran into an old friend–one who I haven’t seen in at least a year and a half but who was on my mind last night like crazy.  Apparently it was just foreshadowing that I’d see her soon!  Looking forward to spending some time catching up with her soon.
  • When I got home, the friend I met for coffee sent me her horoscope for today–and we both marveled at how accurate it was for what we’d just talked about this morning.  Then she sent me mine.  Whoa:

You may be feeling inspired to get back to a creative project that you abandoned some time ago.  Lately your muse has been trying to entice you to pick it up once again.  This is a great idea, Libra, because this could really offer you some big rewards and bright rewards if you were to finish it up.  Don’t waste your time just thinking about it, though.  Get out there and start working once again.  Whatever it is–just start working on it.  Even if you can only start working on the smallest part of it, just do it.  Now is the time to get back into the swing of it.

(I’ll write more soon about why all of that is so meaningful right now)

So what’s the overall message?  Good question.  I don’t know quite yet.

I think in part it’s about patience.  I think it’s a reminder that I’m not alone, but also a reminder that I need to be open to connection in order to see it.  One that reminds me to take responsibility for my role in how life unfolds (but also reminds me that sometimes it’s best to get out of my own way and to let the pathway reveal itself in front of me).


(horoscope courtesy of Daily Horoscope)
One thought on “ : Hello, Universe. I’m Listening!”
  • Michael says:

    This strikes a chord with me because I’m at the other end of the spectrum. I’ve taken crap all my life because it appears that I don’t care as much as others think that I should. I get the job done, but at my speed not theirs. You go, girl! Love ya.

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