Getting Found (Un-Lost?)

Sunday , 16, November 2014 Leave a comment

A former colleague and dear friend has been so totally in-tune with me lately–I just love when the stars align to help that kind of connection happen (or does it happen when I get the hell out of the stars’ way so they CAN align?)  Most recently, we’ve been discussing meaningful books, and she’s shared with me some absolutely perfect quotes from what she’s reading.

She sent this one earlier in the week, and when I returned to it today I was struck by it again and wanted to share before I forget.

From A Field Guide To Getting Lost (Rebecca Solnit, 2006):
“…ceased to be lost not by returning but by turning into something else” (p. 71)

Whoa.  That’s SO it.  What’s “it”?  I don’t know how to describe it.  But that’s it.  That’s the journey.  In learning to find my way, there IS NO returning to where I came from.  That me, that world that existed a year ago this time, no longer exists like I knew it.  In its place is an opportunity to “get found” again–a journey of making sense of now and easing into the new me that belongs to this reality.

It’s not a battle to return to what was.  It’s a metamorphosis into something new.

Instead of resisting change (because I’d NEVER do that… ha), it can be an unfolding into the new.

That sounds like a FAR better option to me.

Did I mention, whoa?  Putting this one on my to-read list.

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