Mindless Monday

Monday , 13, January 2014 Comments Off on Mindless Monday


A few true stories about the past week in my world:

  1. This is an actual, real-life photo of my desk from today.  Those are my to-do lists (yes, plural).  I’ve been working for six full days now to consolidate them.  My world has become so mindless recently that when I have a thought, I jot it down immediately, knowing full well that if I don’t, it will disappear into the ether.  Problem is that I jot it on whatever is handy–a multitude of post-its and legal pads, the margin of a meeting agenda, a piece of scrap paper, fur of stray cats… (ok, maybe that last one is pushing it).  The result is this.  I’m very mindful of one thing right now: I have no idea what I’m supposed to be working on.  It’s a step, but not necessarily a helpful one.
  2. One day recently I IM’ed a colleague and said, “My world is a spiraling chasm of bewilderment.”
  3. The next day in a fit of total exasperation, I asked my husband quite seriously how on earth I was supposed to be mindful of anything with all the crap flying around me all the time.

I think that makes the score Mindlessness–3, Kelly–0.

HOWEVER.  There have been some absolute wins, too, and I am committing here and now to always acknowledging those, too.  On the flying-crap day mentioned above, I KNEW at lunch time that I needed to walk away, spend some time with Clint, and give my head a rest.  I spent half of lunch staring out the window with no idea how to re-ground myself, so there’s some work to do.  But I still count it as a victory.

Ladies and gentlemen, the adventure has begun.