Obligatory (?) Catch-Up Post

Sunday , 1, November 2015 1 Comment

Rumor in the blog world suggests I offer an apology after disappearing for months–and that I write a catch-up post when I return.  I suspect this is simply an opportunity to play “pay attention to ME!” rather than an actual expectation of anyone reading, but I’m opting in anyway.   I’ll make no pretense, however, that I’m doing so for any reason other than an opportunity to share a bunch of photos of our world since February (it’s my blog and I do what I want??)  That being said, here’s what I’ve been doing instead of writing:




Here’s hoping I’m back on track for more than quarterly postings!

One thought on “ : Obligatory (?) Catch-Up Post”
  • Michael says:

    Excellent post. It keeps me centered to monitor your activities. You are very astute. Love ya loads.

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