Monday Musings: Rejection

Monday , 2, November 2015 Leave a comment

This weekend, I stumbled across an infographic titled “17 Counterintuitive Things the Most Successful People Do.”  I didn’t agree with all of it, but the following jumped out at me:


“Seek Out Rejection.”  Huh.

I’m not convinced we can become fully desensitized to the fear of rejection, but there’s definite wisdom here. Humans are wired to avoid the pain that accompanies rejection. We instinctively run from it. Hide from it. And, when it inevitably happens, we quietly tuck it away in hopes that no one will notice–and with hopes that maybe we can forget about it, too.

Seeking out rejection sounds a bit a lot like playing with fire to me. Sounds like openly inviting the commentary that the haters and the doubters are dying to provide. Sounds like an adventure requiring the type of courage that usually takes me days to muster up.

However, I’m willing to consider that, perhaps, if we hear the doubters’ voices enough, we’re more able to let their negative chorus become nothing more than background noise.  Without their constant chatter, maybe what once felt scary and risky becomes adventure and opportunity instead.

If less fear means more willingness to take risks, then it also means more opportunity for big payoff.

…or for more rejection, of course.

Ah!  But if we’ve shrunk that fear, that’s a far less cringe-worthy, shame-inducing possibility, isn’t it?


What do you think? Can we desensitize ourselves to rejection? How do YOU move on from rejection?

You can check out the full infographic, created by Roda Marketing, by clicking here .  It’s worth the look!

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