A Month of Gratitude–Photographic Version (Nov. 1-7)

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For over 5 years now, I’ve participated in a daily photo blog.  Each day, each group member posts a photo that represents their day.  I love it as a non-traditional way of journaling, and I love the friends it’s brought to my life.

A couple of years ago, at the suggestion of a fellow photographer, I dedicated my November photos to portraying things for which I was thankful.  I LOVED how it led me to focus on gratitude, so each November since, I’ve continued the tradition.

Since I don’t share that photo blog address widely, I’m going to post each week’s photos here, too.  If I’ve learned anything, it’s that there’s always room for more more gratitude.  Here’s week 1:

Nov. 1:  First, I’m grateful that a friend inadvertently convinced me to sit outside for a bit this afternoon to enjoy the beautiful weather.  I’m grateful for dear friends like Kriste who love me unconditionally, and I’m grateful for technology that makes it feel like we’re not quite so far apart!

Nov 1


Nov. 2:  I’m grateful for the time change because I get to get out of bed in the mornings without it being totally dark outside.  Sunlight makes it SO much easier for me to get up and moving.

Nov 2


Nov. 3:  I’m grateful that my job allows me the chance to play and be goofy sometimes.  I won’t try to explain this one–knowing that we got a good laugh out of it is what’s most important.

Nov 3


Nov. 4:  This represents a moment I couldn’t photograph.  This morning, the first snow flakes of the year fell while I was teaching.  When I pointed them out to my class, I discovered that one of my students had never seen snow before.  She was like a little kid–ready to bounce out of her seat with excitement.  I made a quick decision, looked at her, and said, “You have 1 minute and 30 seconds–go!”  She flew out the door and was back, breathless, grinning, and speckled with snow flakes in less than two minutes.  I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to allow time for those spontaneous moments of fun while I’m teaching.  It’s a product of my teaching style and my students’ ability to be respectful and flexible, and I love it.  Totally worth the short interruption to make someone’s day (not to mention that her smile made my day, too).

Nov 4


Nov. 5:  This semester we have a new group of peer mentor advisors assisting my professional team.  This day they organized an open house event for students needing help with registration and scheduling.  About 85 students showed up, which is awesome.  I’m so grateful to have such creative, dedicated, fun students on board as part of our team!

Nov 5


Nov. 6:  I’m so grateful for all of the little sweet things Clint does each day.  This day, he left for work before I was even out of bed.  Chaco was being a total bed-hog, and while I was half awake, he quietly told Chaco to move over and then shoved him over so I could stretch out.  He made sure I was snuggled back under the blanket before giving me a smooch and telling me he was heading out.  He makes my heart glow.

Nov 6


Nov. 7:  This morning Heather and I went for a walk–we just wanted some time to catch up, which we definitely got, but the fresh air and the opportunity to move were really good for both of us, too.  I’m so grateful for the special friendship we’ve developed–there’s nothing quite like knowing that someone really gets me and loves me for my ups and downs, not despite them.

Nov 7


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