A Month of Gratitude: Nov. 8-14

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Week 2–So much to be thankful for!

Nov. 8:  There’s something special about home-baked treats for breakfast on weekends.  I’m grateful for lazy mornings, and I’m SUPER grateful for a husband who is an excellent chef and who is willing to spend part of his morning whipping up yummy treats!

Nov 8


Nov. 9:  We have new neighbors across the street, and they have an escape-artist puppy.  He got loose this night and ended up in our garage when I got home from work.  I was thankful that I was able to scoop him up out of the dark and eventually get him back to his family–but I was also pretty darn happy that I got to spend some time with such a sweet little guy (needle teeth, puppy breath, and all).  Let’s be honest–I’m grateful for a world with puppies.

Nov 9


Nov. 10:  I’m thankful for grown-up puppies that bring so much humor to our lives, too.  Chaco got to play weather-dog for the first time this season, and he reported that it was indeed snowing.

Nov 10


Nov. 11:  At the risk of dog photo overload, I was so incredibly grateful this night that Chaco was ok.  He vomited multiple times the day before, and, given that he’s old-man dog, I was really, really worried about him (ahem, as I spent hours cleaning stains out of the carpet–I spared you the yuck of that photo).  By the time I took this photo he was acting like himself again, and for now all is well.

Nov 11


Nov. 12:  This day an unexpected thank you note from a student showed up in my work mailbox.  The day before she had come in just needing someone to talk to, and we spent more than an hour sharing stories about friends, change, stress, and other typical college-life topics.  She’s awesome, so it was really fun to connect with her.  Apparently she felt the same way, and she went out of her way to write me a note to say so.  It’s such a blessing to have the opportunity to work with students like her–students who are willing to share their stories, their backgrounds, their highs, and their lows.  I learn from each of them, and, when I’m lucky (like with this one), my heart gets a little hug too.

Nov 12


Nov. 13:  This is a photo from the new book Impossible to Know by one of my favorite author-artist-storytellers, Brian Andreas (link here… and I cannot stress enough how very much I think everyone should check him out).  I’d had it for five days but finally made time to sit down with it this day.  I love his work for many reasons, but maybe most importantly because so often his work expresses what I’m feeling when I can’t seem to do so on my own.  Such gratitude for his willingness to share his heart through his work.

Nov 13


Nov. 14:  Our little town loves parades, and this day was the infamous Storybook Cavalcade Parade–an event about which I’d heard a lot of strange things but that I’d never actually witnessed.  I went this year with some pretty awesome friends and co-workers, and it was a hoot.  A strange, half-fascinating, half-terrifying hoot, but a hoot all the same.  I’m grateful for friends who are willing to go on silly adventures with a girl wearing a yeti hat!

Nov 14

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