A Month of Gratitude: Nov. 15-21

Thursday , 26, November 2015 3 Comments

Week 3!

Nov. 15:  Whenever my parents visit, my mom always writes us a note the morning that they leave.  I always leave it up until the next time they come to town.  Obviously it’s been awhile since they’ve visited, given the date on this note, but today I JUST noticed that she had added “love!” after the “things to fetch…” prompt on the paper.  I’m so incredibly grateful for my amazing parents–and for the sweet smiles they add to my life in both big and small ways.

Nov 15


Nov. 16:  I’m grateful for simple, easy-to-access means of calming and soothing myself after stressful days.  Coloring is one of my go-to activities for relaxation.  I’m grateful for people in my life who know this, too–like Kriste, who sent me this awesome book and the pencils to go with it.

Nov 16


Nov. 17:  I don’t love working late, but I’m grateful for the amazing views my office offers me.  Sunsets lately have been beautiful, and I’m happy that I get to experience them, even if it has to be while I’m working.  No matter how busy I feel, I make sure to take some time to enjoy the view if I’m still in my office when the sun sets.

Nov 17


Nov. 18:  I’m so grateful that I have the freedom to do cool things with my class!  On this day, a student group presented on the ways that contact with animals can contribute to stress management.  They had one of the campus reference librarians bring in her trained therapy dog, Mavis, for the “experiential” part of the presentation.  Mavis and I spent a little time together before class, and obviously she did her job to demonstrate the group’s points during the presentation!

Nov 18


Nov. 19:  I’ve posted about our peer advisors previously (and about how amazing they are)… This day, I was SO grateful for their collective sense of humor!  The boss was out of town, so I was in charge of their weekly meeting.  It was completely ridiculous and random and full of SO much laughter.  They totally crack me up.  I feel lucky to have them, with their positive attitudes and willingness to play and have fun, around the office each day.

Nov 19


Nov. 20:  Today in class the “art” group included the creation of this poster as part of their presentation.  They encouraged us to “stop and smell the roses” and asked us all to add our hand tracing and a list of things that make us happy or that we’re thankful for.  It was a fun reminder to stop and be thankful together–making me grateful for students who are willing to pause together in a thoughtful way.

Nov 20


Nov. 21:  I’m so thankful for these two sweet boys.  I love them both beyond words, and my heart still melts a little when I see them snuggled up and happily snoozing together.

Nov 21

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  • Aimee says:

    Looks like you had some great, thoughtful presentations this semester!

  • Aimee says:

    PS. Do you mind if I steal this idea for my blog?

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