A Month of Gratitude: The Home Stretch

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Not that I intend to end the gratitude with the end of the month–far from it.

Nov. 22:  I’ll admit, there are days I don’t act very grateful for this crazy ball of fur.  In my heart, though, even on the bad days, I’m so grateful that Charley came racing into our lives almost a year ago.  She can be a terror, but she can also be the sweetest mutt you’ll ever meet.  She’s also a riot.  She LOVES playing fetch and carries a ball with her everywhere.  It’s hard to see, but if you look closely you can see that she dropped the ball IN the water here–just long enough to get a drink.

Nov 22 new week


Nov. 23:  There are no words to express my gratitude that I get to live in a world with sunsets like this.  I’m so glad I stopped long enough to take a few photos and to enjoy the colors changing this night as the sun sank below the horizon.  Breathtaking.

Nov 23


Nov. 24:  I’m so thankful for colleagues with big hearts.  One of my team members nominated me for this on-going award (that comes in this cool envelope with a few mini candy bars and a letter including what you were nominated for and by whom).  I know that most jobs, not just mine, can feel thankless–this is such a cool opportunity to remind each other that someone DOES notice and that we ARE making a difference.  I’ve “turned in” other people for this before, but this was my first time receiving one.  Super fun surprise!

Version 2


Nov. 25:  No photo today!  Days like this remind me that, for as much as I enjoy chronicling my daily life through my photos, I’m really grateful for days that are so busy and full of life that I don’t even think to take a photo.  This day I saw my parents for the first time in about 5 months–perfect chance for a photo, right?  Eh. Turns out that spending time laughing and catching up with them without ever thinking to pick up my phone was even better.


Nov. 26:  Thanksgiving Day.  There are so many things I could list here–some of them repeats from earlier in the month and some that I’ve only just begun to contemplate.  I started my day by going for a run to remind myself that my health is a blessing.  A blessing denied to many and that I take for granted far too often.

Nov 26


Nov. 27:  We ran into a snow storm driving back to our house this day.  I’m thankful that we all made it back safely and without incident.  Not everyone was so lucky that day.  With the amount of time Clint spends driving for work, I try to remember that I have much to be grateful for every time he returns home safely from a trip.

Nov 27


Nov. 28:  I’m so incredibly grateful for this woman–my mama.  Strong, smart, kind, beautiful, and patient.  If I turn into her as I age, I’ll be lucky.  We spent some good time together over the weekend, including time spent taking care of a friend’s cats.  I was reminded of my mom’s abundance of patience and her calm energy as she worked to befriend Myron, the cat in the photo.  He’s VERY skittish, but in just a few hours spread over three days, she not only convinced him that it was safe to come hang out with us, but that it was kind of nice to have his back scratched–by BOTH of us!  I know this probably doesn’t sound like reason to celebrate…  if you knew Myron, you’d understand. 🙂

Nov 28


Nov. 29:  I’m so incredibly grateful for this guy–my papa.  Funny, playful, hard-working, thoughtful, and full of love.  I don’t have to ponder turning into him as I age, as he and I share SO many pieces of our personalities that it’s almost scary sometimes.  This particular morning I woke up in a pretty terrible mood, but after coffee and breakfast and conversation with my dad, it was like my whole world had brightened.  I’m so thankful for the way he gets me and the way my brain works sometimes–and that he makes me giggle and gives great hugs, too.

Nov 29


Nov. 30:  My job has been a challenge at times over the last several months, but I’ve maintained through it all that I believe in the direction we’re headed and I fully trust that we’ve made a positive impact through the changes we’ve made.  My boss has been out of the country for a couple of weeks, and I asked him to bring me a post card for my collection.  He slid this under my door this morning.  I’m pretty damn lucky that I work for people who recognize that I’m working my tail off and who are willing to express THEIR gratitude, too.

In the end, that’s what this whole thing–this life thing–is all about.  Sharing our gratitude and love for and with each other.

Nov 30

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