21-Day Check In

Thursday , 28, July 2016 Leave a comment

We’re a little over a week into the 21-Day Challenge, so I figured it was time for an update.  Especially since I had a small breakthrough today!

This morning we met for our bi-weekly full team meeting, and I was anticipating some angst.  We’ll be implementing a new software system on Monday, and today’s meeting was dedicated to final questions and double-checks that everyone understands the system and is ready to go.

Except that I don’t think anyone, myself included, is really feeling ready for go-live day.

Instead of my usual morning routine of running late, printing a last-minute agenda, and walking into the meeting breathless as the clock flips to 9 a.m., I planned ahead to make sure I could arrive in the room early.  Having the place to myself, I sat down and did a short meditation focused on gratitude.

Simply put, it made a HUGE difference.  I slowed down just long enough that I felt calm and centered as team members started to arrive.  Even when I became frustrated during the meeting, I was able to stay (mostly) grounded in my focus on gratitude–gratitude for a team willing to do its best despite setbacks, gratitude for their sense of humor, gratitude for team members who stepped up to help train, etc.

I love that I even thought to make time to meditate in the first place, as prior to this challenge, it never would have crossed my mind.  I think it’s safe to say that I’m feeling less skeptical than I was a week ago–let’s call it more of an open-minded curiosity at what’s ahead.  I’ll keep you posted.

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