Mindless Monday: Prepping for 20 Years

Monday , 5, September 2016 Leave a comment

Last weekend, thanks to some gentle prodding from a friend I’ve known since elementary school (but who I haven’t seen in 20 years), I made the last-minute decision to attend our 20th high school reunion.  I leave later this week, and this morning I couldn’t help but think, over and over, “How do I talk to people I haven’t seen in 20 years?”

I mean, I can’t just walk up and say, “So, how’ve the last two decades been?” can I?  Would anyone honestly try to answer?

THEN I started wondering: how do -I- answer that question if someone asks?  I imagine myself standing and staring at them, a million images and moments flipping like a slide show in my head, with no answer but, “Good! You?”  Such an empty answer.

I’ve had these lyrics on loop in my head all day today:

The irony: ask me, “Where have you been?”
I don’t know, I don’t know because I don’t know where to begin.

Carbon Leaf, “One Prairie Outpost”

Rational me knows it’ll be fine and we won’t end up standing and staring at each other all night.  We’ll find a place to begin.  I’m nervous and excited to see where we end up.

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