Wait, What was I Saying?

Sunday , 12, January 2014 12 Comments

I wrote my first ever blog entry on November 20, 2012.  It was kind of awesome, honestly, and I was pretty damn proud of it.

Unfortunately, I never actually created a blog on which to post it, and, well, it became yet another project that saw a brief brilliant beginning and then quickly fizzled onto the piles of “could-have-beens” and “oh-yeah-I-was-going-tos” and “remind-me-why-I-started-thats” strewn around me.

Welcome to my absently mindful life.

As an indecisive, ADHD, easily bored woman who also places intense value on living in the present moment, understanding myself, and striving to live a life of thoughtfulness and meaning, the absent-minded and mindful collide frequently in my world.  Often this collision creates beautiful displays of fireworks and glitter shot from cannons: frenzied productive work, magical deadline meeting, and imaginative project launches.  All too often, the collision is much uglier and much more fraught with struggle–frustration, inertia, and questions without answers.

This year, I’m focusing on mindfulness.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I don’t expect to wake up tomorrow in some Zen state of constant in-the-moment, one-with-all harmony.  But that’s part of the joy of this mess.  I’m going to read more books, play with more ideas, and try out new techniques.  I’m going to (try to) laugh when it goes tragically wrong, honor my sadness when necessary, and celebrate when it all goes right.

Maybe eventually simply sitting quietly and breathing will BE the celebration.

So what will this blog be about?  I’d love to offer some clear, concise statement here, but if I know anything, it’s that I’m at my best when I’m given space to wander.  If I had to guess…

  • I’ll share what I try in my mission toward mindfulness–what’s working and what’s not.
  • I’ll share thoughts on what I’m reading (as I’m sure the answers have to be in ONE of these books I’ve started but not finished…)
  • I’ll probably share some insight into my ADHD head.
  • I’m bound to share some of the bizarre and wonderful things I learn about mindfulness through spending my days with college students who’ve often been culturally trained to avoid, at all cost, most any kind of meaningful reflection or pause for thought.
  • Pictures of my dogs.  I’m sorry, but they just win sometimes.
  • Whatever else seems to make sense (caution: this is the equivalent of “other duties as assigned” in your job description, and we all know damn well how dangerous that can be).

Who knows.  Really, if I can remember to stop and think and then put those thoughts into words that actually get posted here, we’ll be off to a very, very good start.

Welcome aboard.  Hold on tight–it gets wild in here some days…

12 thoughts on “ : Wait, What was I Saying?”
  • Congratulations on this new endeavor. I’m proud of you and can’t wait to see what becomes of this process and journey for you.

  • Katie Choate says:

    Wooooo-hoooo! Congrats friend! A journey of 10,000 miles begins with a single step, or something like that. Looking forward to reading and “playing with ideas” with you! Love!

  • Chris Haught says:

    Love your writing style, look forward to reading more!

  • Heather Shinn says:

    You’re awesome. Your mind is so different and interesting and I would read anything you wrote. You’re just that cool. 🙂 Good luck friend.

  • Scott Leppla says:

    Great! Knowing you, this will be a worthy read.

  • Jen Aguila says:

    So excited to read more from you, Kelly. You’ve got such a good heart, seeing it on paper (or screen 🙂 ) is a wonderful thing.

    • Kelly Stephens says:

      Thanks Jen! That means so very much to me coming from you. 🙂 I’ve been working on reading these great books a friend sent me this summer and am thinking this might be a good place to start sorting through my thoughts and feelings… 😉

  • Carol Lutter says:

    Love! From me, too. Your writing is fab, and your it’s your heart that shines through. I look forward to more.

    • Kelly Stephens says:

      Thank you so much Carol. That’s so very much what I want–to be brave enough to write from my heart. Thank you for the encouragement!

  • Can’t wait to read along!

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