About My Journey


It’s probably easiest to just start here for the full explanation.

Short story?  In a wild fit of dreaming and planning just before the new year started, I declared 2014 as my “year of mindfulness.”  I’ve also had “start a blog!” on my to-do list for at least a year and a half now (maybe longer).  It’s one of those items that gets rewritten over and over and over every time I create a new list.

Not this time!

The two ideas came crashing together, and, here it is.  The chronicle of my journey toward thinking more carefully, acting more intentionally, and operating less from simple habit.  Experiences, books, thoughts, ideas… Who knows.

I never claimed there was a final destination on this journey–but this is clearly the beginning.

2 thoughts on “ : About My Journey”
  • Michael says:

    Who was the person that said something about the longest journey starting with a single step?

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